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Dear Sirs!

     On our page we present a large line of products to interest you with extensive choice hammered out and improved on more than 10 years of experience.

     The company which ware we are presenting has existed since 1991. Currently we can offer wide choices of Decoration Figures, up to 700 worth of interest models from categories such as: "Gnomes", "Animals", "Human figures (characters)", "Indians", "Egyptian figures". Moreover we possess in our selection sacred figures, which can decorate altars at the church, next to the road or even in houses.

     Due to a very long existence we have an experience, group of qualified employees, advanced technology and also our own transport, what allows us to fulfil all orders very professionally and in a short period of time.

     Our products are made of best sort (żywica poliestrowa), quality is monitored on different phases of production, which makes them not worse than products from the best companies, well known on the market.

     As a serious company, looking after clients, we are straight. You can convince quality of ware by fulfilling your order at our company.

     If we aroused your interest and willingness to benefit our service, we would be happy to give You more informations and answer all Your questions.

     We hope we will be able to welcome You at our company soon.

Best wishes   
Sample products

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